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  • J.R. Harvey Consultants can ensure your business is seen by potential English customers as, professional, dynamic and English-orientated.
  • Let  J.R Harvey Consultants help your business avoid some of the following problems:
  •  Badly written or translated web pages and publicity material, which will cost you more long-term than having the work carried out correctly from the start
  •  Staff who are not confident when dealing with “Foreigners” At best they will be seen by English speakers as indifferent or worse, incompetent which gives potential clients a negative view of your company.
  • The dynamics of English are entirely different to Spanish, because of this, trusting your company image to someone who is not a native English speaker, is risky at best and potentially damaging to your business in today’s competitive marketplace. 
  • To a potential client, your staff and publicity will be a major influence, so let J R Harvey Consultants make sure they are always seen as “Professional.”  
J R Harvey Consultants providers of dedicated language services to government departments, industry and commerce. With the ability to focus on specific areas such as medical, policing, tourism, aviation and marine requirements.

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